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End of Trips…

Launched on September 19, 2016, the life of Google trips, a trip planner mobile app developed by Google for the Android and IOS operating system is coming to an end on August 5, 2019.

Google Trips makes exploring the world easier by organizing your essential info in one place and making it available even offline, it makes it easier than ever to plan and organize your trips as well as automatically mapping out a half day or a full day with suggestions for things to see and do

Both the online and app versions of Google Trips acts as a centralized hub for all the information you need to plan a vacation, such as your flight details, hotel bookings, and amazing grub to grab in the area. They’re also integrated with Gmail to make the process even less of a headache.

According to Google, Features that are currently available on the Google Trips app will migrate to Google Search and Google Maps thus rendering the app redundant. Users can still download the app until August 5, but after that date, users will see a message upon opening it that “We’ve said goodbye to Google Trips.”

For travelers that loved the Google Trips app for its travel planning and helpful discovery features, it’s probably going to come as disappointing news that the search giant is making preparations to discontinue the app.

It’s not all that shocking that Google would shut down Google Trips, particularly considering the actual fact that the company recently launched another travel service Google Maps in itself has also introduced a number of travel and discovery features and will likely take up any slack left behind by the travel web service.

In the era where Google suggests trips for people to take based on their search history and the popularity of destinations, we hope to see the web travel service become even better with time taking into consideration the company also has a repository of past trips for users to look into all the things they could’ve tried out or should try out next time they’re in town.