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Huawei Adds Ads on its Smartphones Lock Screens

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur - May 29, 2019: Huawei logo on screen of Huawei Nova 3i. Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is a Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services

Digital advertising has a time and a place, and the place is never ever on the lock screen of a smartphone you paid a lot of money for.

The worlds second largest smartphone brand by volume, Huawei, is at it again, this time seems more of a self-inflicted act. As though Huawei didn’t require increasingly negative attention at the present time, the company has apparently started allowing ads from on the lock screens of several of its smartphones. According to Huawei users on Twitter, a substantial number of Huawei phone owners (Mostly P30 Pro, P20, P20 Lite, Honor 10, and P20 Pro ) have noticed that their devices have suddenly begun displaying ads in their lock screens. Although the ads seem to appear on devices using the preinstalled landscape wallpapers, users who use the built-in magazine background images are not affected.

Spotted in several countries including the UK, Kenya, Netherlands, Ireland, South Africa, Norway and Germany and on the various models, ads appeared on the lock screens of most users. On Twitter, users were quick to question and criticize the ads. Given Huawei’s recent press, the company certainly doesn’t need more bad publicity

The only way to get rid of the advertising is to not use the built-in magazine background images instead of the preinstalled landscape wallpapers. It’s certainly not as obstructive or hard to remove as the lock screen ads on Amazon Fire devices, but at least Amazon is upfront about using your device as a billboard.

Whatever the reason for the Ads is, it’s not a good look, especially at a time when Huawei is under so much public scrutiny on their next way ahead after the US Department of Commerce enacted an import ban on Huawei.